Time Thief: Reading Manga

Let me tell you a story about one of my favorite past times (and a lot of times, Time Thief),


I’ve come to appreciate manga ever since high school.

Yes, i know. I started late.

But for almost 10 years now (that long right?) and counting. So what does that mean? If I was reading manga for an average of 3hrs every week (again, that long right?), that’s a total of 1440 hours or 60 days or 8.57 weeks or ~2 months of reading manga.

How uncool is that?

Uncool, how so?

Let’s focus our attention to the Pros and Cons board.

PROs: a quick 5-10 minute topic during conversations with friends and people (mostly guys) who still reads manga after 10 or more years. you are updated with new developments in the events of lives of fictitious characters you will never get to meet (unless you go to a cosplay convention). One exception with be by Hajime No Ippo (my favorite manga series) and other boxing mangas (an excuse, i know).

CONs: I did mention that I’ve invested a whole SUMMER (2 months) for the past 10 years in reading manga. An investment that unfortunately, I have benefited nothing from and in a bigger sense, the people around me, the people I love, have actually taken loss over loss (for a better quality of work that I could have produced if I were focused on my work). Reading manga provides me with immediate gratification, something that makes me feel good even if I have a lot to do. What I mean is, that reading manga, for so long a time now, has been feeding a beast called procrastination (beast is an understatement).

I’m sure we’ve all gone through something like this, but for the first time, and hopefully not the last. I’ll tell you my own Time Thieves.

I’ll miss reading manga, but then again, when I’m free, I can read all the manga that I want.

How about you? What Time Thief can you think of right now?


Plant. Water. Prosper.

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It’s amazing how you start with a simple idea (planting the seeds, in other words, sowing the seeds), then you continuously improve on that idea or upgrade it in every little aspect (watering religiously) and afterwards, enjoying the benefits (watching it prosper) of your hard work/fun.

Planting the seeds

For me, planting seeds can mean so many things.

Seeds = different areas of your life

  • Relationship
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
The first relationship that any person should invest time, actions and faith is the relationship with God. The times when you think you have no one else to turn to, that you are at your weakest, you must never forget to hold on to Him. But why should it be only when you are on your downside? I’m very grateful for all the people who tell me that they are more in touch with God in times of their greatest triumphs (working hand in hand with the Law of Attraction). Next is your relationship with your family and friends. Value the time you spend with them. Appreciate all the things they do for you (however minute or large scale they may be).

Watering the seeds religiously

I can always relate “watering the seeds of your life, religiously” to one word.


I’ve always based all my actions in this word, persevere. Even in my favorite catch phrase, “In all things, persevere” (copyright pending). Which I know, a lot of people may not agree. But in reality, and in different books published by famous writers, in talks of renowned speakers, in one way or another, they’ve all drawn a path towards successful people being able to achieve their goals, and dreams due to perseverance.

Share your stories. Rain.

Success is the result of making small decisions.

Deciding to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Deciding to contribute.

Deciding to feed your mind rather than allowing the environment to control you.

-Anthony Robbins

Today, I’d like to share some of the words (I relentlessly share with my family and friends) that have changed and continue to change my life and the lives of the people around me.

I honestly think that each line deserve it’s own post. Which I might do after sometime (recycled? No, emphasis).

But feel free to share any stories you might have that relates to any of the lines. I’ll share some of my stories later.


Not the weather’s fault, people.

It’s a Friday morning and the day just looks FUNtastic. I’m worried about the people at Los Banos and Manila (why specific places only?) and those affected by the not-so-agreeable weather.

In this event, of uncertain manholes (surely hurtful) and instant graffiti on your shoes after one step in the sludge filled streets of Manila, I’d like to share how beautiful the day is here at Cagayan de Oro.

What I mean to say is that you don’t have to ponder on the negative part of the spectrum (the utterly annoyed, eternally¬†grudging and just plain old scrooge-look-a-likes). I don’t blame the weather whenever I’m low energy at work (after 4 straight days of 8-6pm sched and shooting for the magic 5th 10 hour workday) or so irritable that a simple shriek will blow up the bomb altogether. I don’t blame the weather because it’s not the weather fault I wasn’t able to perform at top gear during therapy sessions. It isn’t the weather’s fault if my kids are crying and kicking and shouting. Okay, the weather might be a factor, but I can’t tell my kids to stop getting affected by the rain (you know why- because they are kids). But I can at least persuade you that it’s not the weather’s fault. It’s all up to you.

Some people actually like it when it rains (probably 90% of the work force- just an estimate – i’m open to qualify and quantify the claim though). But for some, they like it for all the wrong reasons, or for the majority of the 90%, one reason. They don’t have to work.

Q: Who wouldn’t want that?

A: Not everyone (for sure!)

Not everyone wants to escape the usual routine of their lives. Some people (i’m praying that a lot more do so), love their jobs and in most cases, their part-time jobs. More on this in another post.

The point is, it’s not the weather’s fault.

How you see a full 24 hour day ahead of you is all up to you. Will your next 16 hours (assuming you sleep 8 hours a day) be sloppy, slow, dragging and just endless (because you can’t stop looking at the clock)? or will it be divine, inspiring, fun-filled and bountiful, not to mention, very very productive. I don’t want to say there is a gray area to this war of perspectives, but I know there isn’t. If there is for you, then you might be bipolar.

Stick to your guns. Will your perspective be a divine revolver of positive awesomeness or an accursed gauntlet of negativity?

Will you have an awesome day or another lame day (with light drizzles and the same old grumpy neighbors and jeepney (in CDO, motorela) drivers?

I’m having an amazing day! An awesome day! A sweet sunny day! For those in Manila right now, (insert the same adjectives I put above for my day) rainy day! Hoorah!

Doors of Life

In life, there are doors of opportunities, doors of self-discovery, doors of forgiveness, doors of achievement and doors of success that you will seek.

And it will be up to you if you want to open a door and close another.

This “doors of life” perspective does not apply to me only (the world does not revolve around me, i know that much), but to each and every one of us. Particularly to those people who would like to think that every opportunity is a door towards a new world, an exciting change or a place of peace.

Why not think that the world, YOUR world, is made up of millions of doors waiting to be opened. I’m not saying all the doors lead to a positive outcome. But let’s face, you have to open a lot of wrong doors before you’re able to discern (psychic?!) or see if the next door you will open will be a life changing door for you (taking a peek wouldn’t hurt, would it?).

Watch out for the doors in MY life that I’ll tell you more of with my next posts.

P.S. I was not going to add this but I thought, wth. I said there are a million doors or even more in your life waiting to be opened, right? But I just realized that the beauty of the “doors of your life” perspective is that if you are with extreme and awesome company, of friends, of family and of love, actually multiplies the doors (exponentially! wow!) you are able to open. The lesson from this P.S.

There are sure a lot of doors to be opened. So start doing just that. Open the doors of life. Let me know which ones you opened recently.

Small Things turn to Big Ones

“This is who I am. This is what my life is about. And this is what I’m going to do. Nothing will stop me from achieving my destiny. I will not be denied!” – Anthony Robbins

Every successful person encountered a turning point in their lives. They made a decision to become successful. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen overnight. Something, somewhere and sometime, they changed. They stopped and looked into their hearts and minds, asked themselves certain questions that propelled them to make several life changing decisions. They looked at the people surrounding them and made their decisions to go with the crowd of positive, creative and like-minded people. They looked at their habits and grouped them into which will help them succeed or habits that are not benefiting them at all or even drawing them back from succeeding.

I can agree that there has been a major turning point in my life before I decided to go down a path towards success, true health and wealth.

But the small decisions, the small choices, the small things definitely made the difference, and continue to make my life ever changing and not to mention, challenging.

What small decision can you make everyday that will affect your whole future?

Got it? Do it.

Poetry Time: Pencil

post inspired by Bro. Bo’s recent blog post.

Poetry Time: PENCIL

Another Monday morning. Time to get up. Time to suit up. Time to start anew.

However your day goes, it’s for you to decide.

It’s your decision. What words you will write in the journal of your life.

It’s your call. What picturesque landscapes you will draw for your life.

It’s your choice. What feelings and emotions you will experience in your own novel.

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