I. am. grateful.

There are times when you think to yourself, I’ll make this decision. I’ll live this life that God has given me. I’ll do this and I’ll do that. I’ll go here and there.

Since I made this decision, June 2011, I am really amazed now (March 2012) at how life has turned out for me. It has always been an amazing time with my love, but for a span of 9 months, i was able to learn more and more about her as well about myself. I have learned a lot of things about taking care of a business, and dealing and leading my own team. Leading people so that in time, they are able to lead other people also. I’m just happy I decided to do something and I did this because I was able to look at the pros and cons of the situation, of what my decisions regarding this action will show me.

There are so many choices in life that you will make. You will make for yourself. And for every decision, you and only you are responsible for the consequences and on a positive note, triumphs.

My CHOICES have provided me a rich pool of learning to quench my thirst for more wisdom and knowledge. I’m able to look into my life from different perspectives and am able to see how beneficial taking on risks are to be able to enrich a person’s life.

Taking on risks puts you in a position to take on responsibility. By taking on more responsibility with increasing value, you are built up in such a way that you will be capable to handle the pressure, to be honest with yourself with your own strengths and weaknesses.

With every decision you make in life, therein lies your opportunity to thank God. Be grateful for yet another opportunity to tell your loved ones how they truly mean to you. Eat that favorite meal. Workout, watch a movie, enjoy a summer escapade.

With all that is given to you, be grateful.


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