Doors of Life

In life, there are doors of opportunities, doors of self-discovery, doors of forgiveness, doors of achievement and doors of success that you will seek.

And it will be up to you if you want to open a door and close another.

This “doors of life” perspective does not apply to me only (the world does not revolve around me, i know that much), but to each and every one of us. Particularly to those people who would like to think that every opportunity is a door towards a new world, an exciting change or a place of peace.

Why not think that the world, YOUR world, is made up of millions of doors waiting to be opened. I’m not saying all the doors lead to a positive outcome. But let’s face, you have to open a lot of wrong doors before you’re able to discern (psychic?!) or see if the next door you will open will be a life changing door for you (taking a peek wouldn’t hurt, would it?).

Watch out for the doors in MY life that I’ll tell you more of with my next posts.

P.S. I was not going to add this but I thought, wth. I said there are a million doors or even more in your life waiting to be opened, right? But I just realized that the beauty of the “doors of your life” perspective is that if you are with extreme and awesome company, of friends, of family and of love, actually multiplies the doors (exponentially! wow!) you are able to open. The lesson from this P.S.

There are sure a lot of doors to be opened. So start doing just that. Open the doors of life. Let me know which ones you opened recently.


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