Not the weather’s fault, people.

It’s a Friday morning and the day just looks FUNtastic. I’m worried about the people at Los Banos and Manila (why specific places only?) and those affected by the not-so-agreeable weather.

In this event, of uncertain manholes (surely hurtful) and instant graffiti on your shoes after one step in the sludge filled streets of Manila, I’d like to share how beautiful the day is here at Cagayan de Oro.

What I mean to say is that you don’t have to ponder on the negative part of the spectrum (the utterly annoyed, eternally grudging and just plain old scrooge-look-a-likes). I don’t blame the weather whenever I’m low energy at work (after 4 straight days of 8-6pm sched and shooting for the magic 5th 10 hour workday) or so irritable that a simple shriek will blow up the bomb altogether. I don’t blame the weather because it’s not the weather fault I wasn’t able to perform at top gear during therapy sessions. It isn’t the weather’s fault if my kids are crying and kicking and shouting. Okay, the weather might be a factor, but I can’t tell my kids to stop getting affected by the rain (you know why- because they are kids). But I can at least persuade you that it’s not the weather’s fault. It’s all up to you.

Some people actually like it when it rains (probably 90% of the work force- just an estimate – i’m open to qualify and quantify the claim though). But for some, they like it for all the wrong reasons, or for the majority of the 90%, one reason. They don’t have to work.

Q: Who wouldn’t want that?

A: Not everyone (for sure!)

Not everyone wants to escape the usual routine of their lives. Some people (i’m praying that a lot more do so), love their jobs and in most cases, their part-time jobs. More on this in another post.

The point is, it’s not the weather’s fault.

How you see a full 24 hour day ahead of you is all up to you. Will your next 16 hours (assuming you sleep 8 hours a day) be sloppy, slow, dragging and just endless (because you can’t stop looking at the clock)? or will it be divine, inspiring, fun-filled and bountiful, not to mention, very very productive. I don’t want to say there is a gray area to this war of perspectives, but I know there isn’t. If there is for you, then you might be bipolar.

Stick to your guns. Will your perspective be a divine revolver of positive awesomeness or an accursed gauntlet of negativity?

Will you have an awesome day or another lame day (with light drizzles and the same old grumpy neighbors and jeepney (in CDO, motorela) drivers?

I’m having an amazing day! An awesome day! A sweet sunny day! For those in Manila right now, (insert the same adjectives I put above for my day) rainy day! Hoorah!


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