Time Thief: Reading Manga

Let me tell you a story about one of my favorite past times (and a lot of times, Time Thief),


I’ve come to appreciate manga ever since high school.

Yes, i know. I started late.

But for almost 10 years now (that long right?) and counting. So what does that mean? If I was reading manga for an average of 3hrs every week (again, that long right?), that’s a total of 1440 hours or 60 days or 8.57 weeks or ~2 months of reading manga.

How uncool is that?

Uncool, how so?

Let’s focus our attention to the Pros and Cons board.

PROs: a quick 5-10 minute topic during conversations with friends and people (mostly guys) who still reads manga after 10 or more years. you are updated with new developments in the events of lives of fictitious characters you will never get to meet (unless you go to a cosplay convention). One exception with be by Hajime No Ippo (my favorite manga series) and other boxing mangas (an excuse, i know).

CONs: I did mention that I’ve invested a whole SUMMER (2 months) for the past 10 years in reading manga. An investment that unfortunately, I have benefited nothing from and in a bigger sense, the people around me, the people I love, have actually taken loss over loss (for a better quality of work that I could have produced if I were focused on my work). Reading manga provides me with immediate gratification, something that makes me feel good even if I have a lot to do. What I mean is, that reading manga, for so long a time now, has been feeding a beast called procrastination (beast is an understatement).

I’m sure we’ve all gone through something like this, but for the first time, and hopefully not the last. I’ll tell you my own Time Thieves.

I’ll miss reading manga, but then again, when I’m free, I can read all the manga that I want.

How about you? What Time Thief can you think of right now?


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