Random Thoughts : Bag

Walking through Pedro Gil to Padre Faura. Going past the trees. the freedom park (i think?). PH. Med. Basketball Court. PGH. You’re definitely near. You hear the horns and people scurrying along. Being busy with their own lives.

You push your bag to the right side. Avoiding a man running late for work. You hear a loud beep from a government vehicle going into DOJ.

You find yourself in a beautiful island. You just have to put down that little beach bag and run across the sand. The sun hasn’t quite made it up yet. You run the white island end to end.


Comfort Zone: Defined

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.  It’s a necessity if you are going to get the most out of your life.  Rather than fearing failure, welcome the opportunity to expand your horizons.  Every successful person has moved outside their comfort zone. – Bryan Golden (whole article here)

The truth is I’ve lived in my comfort zone for so long now, the last 23 years of my life (yes, I’m talking to a Future Anthony that’s reflecting on his life right now).

Living in MY comfort zone means breakfast every morning, someone to pick me up whenever I have (exaggerated) a lot of things to move from point A to B, clean (not to mention new) clothes, and a kind of household where you have absolutely no worries. It’s a place and time when I can tell myself, I can live here for so long and I don’t have to think about nothing at all.

But then I got a brilliant idea, why not MOVE AWAY from that place from which I’m most comfortable in?

(btw, COMFORT ZONE doesn’t pertain to a literal place only – yes, that’s right).

Open Book: Walks of Life

In every walk of life, we have different companions. In your adversities and challenges, you may lose some of them.

But one set of people will not leave you. They can be your friends.

They can be your enemies.

But surely, your family will always be by your side. Some may not be physically present.

But they are surely there.

In heart.

In spirit.

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