RUN for GOLD: On Daily TTDs


Yesterday was a no-post for me. But it was great, did a lot of things for the clinic with Jepi. Good job day because we accomplished so many tasks. Thanks to our handy dandy goal list. It is so much easier when you have a blue print for your day.

I’ve always listened to Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar talk about setting goals everyday. Even more so about setting goals for the long term, for 10 years, 5 years, a year, several months, weeks, days – you get the idea. Even for the next hour or couple of minutes.

The important thing about goal setting that I have to highlight is the importance of TIME and how we can spend so much time that may cost us, not just money, but even our health, our relationships and ourselves.

So I’d also like to share how important daily goal setting is, and how it will literally change your live, day in and day out.

Your assignment for today (this is me talking to myself)!

1. Make your goal list for today – last night!

(What?! That’s right, make your TTDs for today, yesterday, last night or even last week – that’ll be better!)

2. Say “No!” – if it’s not completely necessary to do that task, and it has no major impact on your life and the completion of your goals for work or business – DO NOT, by all means, DO those things.

3. Be CONSISTENT! This is a word that continues to bug me each and every day. CONSISTENCY! Sticking to the game plan!


-having fun advising other people on how to use the products better, how to make the most of their time when presenting the company to other people (powerful products make for powerful testimonials and marketing).

-Turning a new leaf, changing Anthony little by little.

A lot of people voice out their concern about how the world don’t change for the better, without realizing that they can’t change the world, without changing themselves FIRST.

Till my next post! Stay tuned!

In all things, persevere!


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