RUN for GOLD: On New Directions


This past 4 days have been amazing. Not just for the business but also for improving myself and sharing that much needed improvement to other people. As you might know already, you can’t continue to grow in practically anything without you, yourself, improving in that field. You can’t excel in something without first improving yourself, learning new techniques, sharing new ideas, acting on those new ideas, innovating the older ones, repairing the broken ones and putting all that into bringing a generally upturn of events for you, your team and your goal.

When you provide yourself with new directions, you provide yourself the certain opportunities to reach whatever it is that you want to achieve. You will yourself into becoming a person of worth, of ever growing importance and value.

Now, who in the world wouldn’t want that, right? No idea. I can give you a false percentage of a population out of a hundred supposedly survey participants. But it’s up to you. You create your own goals, your own directions, because if you won’t, those kinds of simple yet particular things (goals, aspirations, dreams etc.) will be set for you by other people (who I’m sure don’t care much about what happens to you. just saying).

Even if you do go on about changing directions, turning your sails towards a better goal and upgrading your capabilities, and getting all giddy about an impending new discovery – don’t take your eyes off from the prize, because that’s when 87% of all goal oriented people miss their goals (yes, i made the % up, ala Barney Stinson), or worse, forget all about what they set out to do in the first place. So like, bummer, right?


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