30 Day Challenge- Writing a Blog Post – Day 2

Day 2 for Writing a Blog Post Challenge. A Back Slide. and Recover

Friends, this is one important post from me. Something that I’ve been struggling with since the day I caught myself making gazillions of these.


There came a time when enough is enough. Jennifer can’t take anymore of Eric’s constant dodging of responsibility.

Last Thursday, he was supposed to clean out his “workshop” of some sort but said he had to be with the boys, they were 2 weeks delayed from their usual *BNO. This Sunday, was supposed to be time for them to visit their parents but he had to cancel because he was cramming for papers and presentation due Monday. He got to finish the presentation, but when he got home, he couldn’t stop whining and cursing at how the project presentation was a short notice (2 months short notice).

There were many more of Eric’s amazing stories of how he wasn’t able to do finish something because something came up, how he wasn’t able to do his best because there just isn’t enough time. Because of this, or that, the place was too far, it was raining, it was too hot.

One day, Jennifer asked Eric if they could go out to talk. Then he immediately said he had someplace to go too, but she insisted. “We have to talk” she said.

When they got to the restaurant, she laid it out all. He was not doing very well in the company, she heard that he was going to get cut because he was  not living up to the expectations of his managers. He was getting cranky at the kids and he was not even talking with his parents anymore (which he usually did before) and he was not even helping out in the house. Eric also had something to say to all these, that he was too busy, that he had “better” things to do, that he’ll make up for it.

After dinner, Jennifer told Eric, “I’ll take the kids to Mama’s house for a couple of weeks”, take time to think of where you are at, now and where you are heading. Please remember that you have a family to support”. Then she continued after sipping wine, “if you can’t even support or manage yourself, how can you even take care of your own family?”. She left Eric a folded bond paper.

It was from his children.

“Dad, we miss you! We don’t get to talk to you often, you are so busy going out with your friends, going out of town for work. We want to be with you. Let’s cook and have a picnic again. Let’s go to the beach, Mommy will love that too. We hope you’ll get what you are aiming for and we know you can do it!

We LOVE you so much!”

Friend, catch yourself making excuse, because when you do, it’s sure that you’re running away from something or towards a project that you forgot to do. You are definitely procrastinating, dodging responsibilities that should have been done weeks ago.

If you catch yourself making excuses, it’s sure that you’ve neglected so much in your life already. It will surely be the most important ingredients of your life. Family. Friends. Career. Finances. Health. Yourself. God.

Catch yourself making excuses, and kick it out of your life. Because if you don’t, excuses will consume everything that you care about, the important parts of your life.








30 Day Challenge – Writing a Blog Post – Day 1

Day 1 for Writing a Blog Post challenge. A Fresh Start.

I did mention on my last “Day 1” entry that it would be a challenge to actually form a new habit, especially a habit like this.

So a toast to a failed 1st attempt. Here’s a toast for myself.

Keep Moving Forward! -Meet the Robinsons film. I love this film. We should celebrate our failures because we’ve actually got rid of a step that does not work, time to get up, pick up where we ended or got that big bust and keep moving forward.

Something to think about today.

30 Day Challenge – Write a Blog Entry – I take a bath daily.

Day 4 for the 30 Day Challenge for writing a blog entry for ERC.

Today, I would like to share with you one of my favorite secret to success. It’s taking a bath daily. Not only does it keep me fresh and clean, it also rids me of the dirt for the day as well as gives me a quick cleanse to face yet another amazing day. But looking at taking a bath daily in the personal development’s light, taking a daily bath of motivation, ensures my continuous pursuit of my goals.

A favorite Ziglar quote pertains to motivation, that as much as a bath doesn’t make you clean for several days, if not a day, so does getting a boost in confidence and motivation. So what would a person seeking motivation, drive and inspiration do? Simple, just like taking a bath, continue to get motivation each and every day as he see fit.

It’s what I’ve firmly believed for so long now, ever since I began my journey to financial freedom, I’ve read and re-read tens and thousands of articles, finished several books (which is very rare for me, or to the old me) and attended a number of seminars all pointing towards attaining what all of us (not for everyone subconsciously though) strive for, freedom.

Freedom from the constraints of time, and duties (employee status), the challenge of going up and down a flight of stairs without having to catch your breath, and going all out in a boxing ring as well as finally focusing on the left column in a restaurant menu rather than meticulously picking out the smallest number in the right side.

To actually realize that you have finally achieved “freedom”, you most definitely have to set goals – your path to success is a series of checkpoints, ones that you’ve set to remind you that you are on track. But remember, don’t confuse activity and a busy schedule as progress towards your checkpoints, be clear with what you have to achieve to be able to shoot for something higher or harder.

In comes, motivation, in comes your supposedly daily dose of nitro, your very own “perk me up” fix. Because to continuously push forward with the same zeal as when you started out if humanly impossible, you will experience challenges, setbacks and more and more walls. A human will feel powerless at times, will feel defeated, beaten down, but looking out for motivation will surely revive that spirit to push you up even further. It is humanly impossible to go all out till you achieve an Everest, but it sure helps to slice the journey into several camp and recovery sites and get a jolt of motivation to continue on your journey.

I make sure that I take a bath daily, my daily dose of motivation, and that’s all I need to keep going. When I do achieve my goal, it will be sweet and all effort and time will be worth it. NEXT!

Jan 13 topic: I take a bath daily.

Jan 14 topic: Consistency.

30 Day Challenge – Write a Blog Entry – I know my goal

Day 3 for the 30 Day Challenge for writing a blog entry for ERC.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about worms. Really. More specifically the processionary worms (a.k.a the pine caterpillar), there are the sort of worms I see on my way to Love’s house and there sure a lot of them.

But what’s special about them?

It’s just that it’s fascinating what they do, and like what their name indicates, they are akin in forming a line or a procession, one following another. But an experiment was done and processionary worms were put on the side of a pot while pine needles are put in the center of the pot. Pine needles are the food of choice of these insects and they are literally 6 inches away from their food source. However, day after day, the processionary worms continued to move around the pot, following one another, until after 7 days, literally dropped dead from the lack of food.

Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. Know what you really want and be aware of what you are working towards accomplishment.

I know some people who, from their own words, are “living the moment”, which really means that they want to take their time, enjoy each and every second of it. Word in focus is, enjoy, and by all means, living a life of reckless disregard, no boundaries and to the “fullest”. But with all these activities in life, especially at our time, it’s so easy to get blinded, immerse ourselves in a foggy but “enjoyable” place, without a clear goal of where we want to go, a vision of where and what we want to become.

You can’t shoot an arrow without a bull’s eye. You can’t shoot hoops without a ring. You can’t kick a football across the field without setting up your own goal. You sure can’t run around in circles, exhaust yourself without clearly defining the finish line in a race.

Friends, there are so many materials and references regarding writing your goals down in paper, reading them over and over and adjusting your daily habits and actions towards these goals. But you won’t be able to do all these without clarity, self confidence, self discipline and absolutely giving yourself some slack for backsliding.

Perfection is one of the best excuses given by procrastinators to not do anything at all.

Sure, this article won’t win a Pulitzer, not even a “Like” or “Retweet”, but this entry is but a small step into something bigger than what I am trying to accomplish, trying to change within me.

I can’t confuse activity and “busyness” with progress. I tried several times before, but without a clear goal, a vision into the future, you’ll get burnout, fast. But with clarity of intentions, and purpose of every action, you will continue – even if you don’t want today or ever (self discipline). That’ll be 2-5 years from now, and the fulfillment of this goal will soon be realized. I’m rushing, believe me I am, but this small step is a definite reminder that I’m moving towards my goal.

P.S. I’m a big fan of Zig Ziglar, but I’m sure you’re aware of that already.

Jan 12 topic: I know my goal.

Jan 13 topic: I take a bath daily.

30 Day Challenge – Write a Blog Entry – You are a Winner!

Day 2 for the 30 Day Challenge for writing a blog entry for ERC.

I prompted myself to write about the topic I left to discuss from the last entry. I would to talk to you about the power of recalling your victories and reminding yourself that you are a winner.

The activity started as part of the training from one of my leaders in the team. I thought that it was a simple activity but I was not aware of how it will make me feel about myself right at that moment. I was a sure fire way to boost your confidence.

So the activity is very easy, you can do this also in one of your team building sessions. You get a piece of paper, put on top of the page, Victory Log, then you make columns for each area of your life, education (way back from grade school even until grad school or beyond), health (physical fitness, diet), relationship (family, spouse, siblings, friends), business (have you started or grew a business), finances (budget, spending/saving, investments), personal (self development, character, integrity, depth) and any other area that you would like to specifically mention your victories in. The column categories could be general or very specific.

Now the fun part begins, you can play a 10 minute song or a 5 min song twice for the whole duration of the activity and write down as many “victories” that you’ve done up to present time.

So, how did you like the activity? You are amazing, aren’t you? You truly are a winner. This activity can also be a simple checkpoint, a scoreboard, your very own scoreboard of the triumphs, and coincidentally, the failures and shortcomings you’ve experienced before each and every victory.

I felt great because as I was recalling my victories, and looking back now at my victory log, I was also able to reminisce not just my glory days but the dark days before the sunrise. Remember, you are a winner. and you can succeed all over again or even better.

Jan 11 topic: I am a Winner!

Jan 12 topic: I know my goal.

30 Day Challenges – Go at it one at a time! per area?

So I started a 30 challenge for writing one blog entry everyday. I’m going to use time boxing wherein I allocate a fixed amount of time for a certain task. Time boxing is a simple time management technique a lot of people use to start, make progress or limit time for a tasks that are not very urgent. The time can be 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the task at hand and how you feel about going long hours working on it.

Something that I feel strongly about sharing with you right now is the status of ERC as of the moment. I know that I’ve been away from writing and expressing myself with blog entries and what better time to revive that part of me than now.

What’s important about this time of the year? It’s because starting something on January means I’m starting something new or continuing a craft that I know will make a big impact for me in the future (2-5 years from now, time frame).

Since this is a warm up post, I’d like to make a short recap of what I’ve been up to this past few months. I’ve been able to work into an area that I’ve been so curious before, and now that I was able to plunge into it (not all the way though) and get the feel of it. I finally realized that it is something worthwhile, that I can learn a lot from doing this for a long time. I have also come to realize more and more of my strengths and weaknesses as well as make a more thorough check of where my heart is at now. Not to mention, where my head, my habits and my EQ is at the moment.

But one of the most notable activities I did for the past few days of the year is when I was able to sit down and use 10-20 minutes of my time to look back and recall my victories. I will be writing a more concise article about this activity tomorrow.

My time is almost up and I did say that I had to allot just 30 minutes for this task (I know, it’s so short, but give me some slack). I’m looking forward to my next entry.

Jan 10 topic: It’s a start.

Jan 11 topic: Recalling my victories.

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