30 Day Challenges – Go at it one at a time! per area?

So I started a 30 challenge for writing one blog entry everyday. I’m going to use time boxing wherein I allocate a fixed amount of time for a certain task. Time boxing is a simple time management technique a lot of people use to start, make progress or limit time for a tasks that are not very urgent. The time can be 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the task at hand and how you feel about going long hours working on it.

Something that I feel strongly about sharing with you right now is the status of ERC as of the moment. I know that I’ve been away from writing and expressing myself with blog entries and what better time to revive that part of me than now.

What’s important about this time of the year? It’s because starting something on January means I’m starting something new or continuing a craft that I know will make a big impact for me in the future (2-5 years from now, time frame).

Since this is a warm up post, I’d like to make a short recap of what I’ve been up to this past few months. I’ve been able to work into an area that I’ve been so curious before, and now that I was able to plunge into it (not all the way though) and get the feel of it. I finally realized that it is something worthwhile, that I can learn a lot from doing this for a long time. I have also come to realize more and more of my strengths and weaknesses as well as make a more thorough check of where my heart is at now. Not to mention, where my head, my habits and my EQ is at the moment.

But one of the most notable activities I did for the past few days of the year is when I was able to sit down and use 10-20 minutes of my time to look back and recall my victories. I will be writing a more concise article about this activity tomorrow.

My time is almost up and I did say that I had to allot just 30 minutes for this task (I know, it’s so short, but give me some slack). I’m looking forward to my next entry.

Jan 10 topic: It’s a start.

Jan 11 topic: Recalling my victories.


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