30 Day Challenge – Write a Blog Entry – I know my goal

Day 3 for the 30 Day Challenge for writing a blog entry for ERC.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about worms. Really. More specifically the processionary worms (a.k.a the pine caterpillar), there are the sort of worms I see on my way to Love’s house and there sure a lot of them.

But what’s special about them?

It’s just that it’s fascinating what they do, and like what their name indicates, they are akin in forming a line or a procession, one following another. But an experiment was done and processionary worms were put on the side of a pot while pine needles are put in the center of the pot. Pine needles are the food of choice of these insects and they are literally 6 inches away from their food source. However, day after day, the processionary worms continued to move around the pot, following one another, until after 7 days, literally dropped dead from the lack of food.

Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. Know what you really want and be aware of what you are working towards accomplishment.

I know some people who, from their own words, are “living the moment”, which really means that they want to take their time, enjoy each and every second of it. Word in focus is, enjoy, and by all means, living a life of reckless disregard, no boundaries and to the “fullest”. But with all these activities in life, especially at our time, it’s so easy to get blinded, immerse ourselves in a foggy but “enjoyable” place, without a clear goal of where we want to go, a vision of where and what we want to become.

You can’t shoot an arrow without a bull’s eye. You can’t shoot hoops without a ring. You can’t kick a football across the field without setting up your own goal. You sure can’t run around in circles, exhaust yourself without clearly defining the finish line in a race.

Friends, there are so many materials and references regarding writing your goals down in paper, reading them over and over and adjusting your daily habits and actions towards these goals. But you won’t be able to do all these without clarity, self confidence, self discipline and absolutely giving yourself some slack for backsliding.

Perfection is one of the best excuses given by procrastinators to not do anything at all.

Sure, this article won’t win a Pulitzer, not even a “Like” or “Retweet”, but this entry is but a small step into something bigger than what I am trying to accomplish, trying to change within me.

I can’t confuse activity and “busyness” with progress. I tried several times before, but without a clear goal, a vision into the future, you’ll get burnout, fast. But with clarity of intentions, and purpose of every action, you will continue – even if you don’t want today or ever (self discipline). That’ll be 2-5 years from now, and the fulfillment of this goal will soon be realized. I’m rushing, believe me I am, but this small step is a definite reminder that I’m moving towards my goal.

P.S. I’m a big fan of Zig Ziglar, but I’m sure you’re aware of that already.

Jan 12 topic: I know my goal.

Jan 13 topic: I take a bath daily.


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