30 Day Challenge – Write a Blog Entry – You are a Winner!

Day 2 for the 30 Day Challenge for writing a blog entry for ERC.

I prompted myself to write about the topic I left to discuss from the last entry. I would to talk to you about the power of recalling your victories and reminding yourself that you are a winner.

The activity started as part of the training from one of my leaders in the team. I thought that it was a simple activity but I was not aware of how it will make me feel about myself right at that moment. I was a sure fire way to boost your confidence.

So the activity is very easy, you can do this also in one of your team building sessions. You get a piece of paper, put on top of the page, Victory Log, then you make columns for each area of your life, education (way back from grade school even until grad school or beyond), health (physical fitness, diet), relationship (family, spouse, siblings, friends), business (have you started or grew a business), finances (budget, spending/saving, investments), personal (self development, character, integrity, depth) and any other area that you would like to specifically mention your victories in. The column categories could be general or very specific.

Now the fun part begins, you can play a 10 minute song or a 5 min song twice for the whole duration of the activity and write down as many “victories” that you’ve done up to present time.

So, how did you like the activity? You are amazing, aren’t you? You truly are a winner. This activity can also be a simple checkpoint, a scoreboard, your very own scoreboard of the triumphs, and coincidentally, the failures and shortcomings you’ve experienced before each and every victory.

I felt great because as I was recalling my victories, and looking back now at my victory log, I was also able to reminisce not just my glory days but the dark days before the sunrise. Remember, you are a winner. and you can succeed all over again or even better.

Jan 11 topic: I am a Winner!

Jan 12 topic: I know my goal.


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