30 Day Challenge – Write a Blog Entry – I take a bath daily.

Day 4 for the 30 Day Challenge for writing a blog entry for ERC.

Today, I would like to share with you one of my favorite secret to success. It’s taking a bath daily. Not only does it keep me fresh and clean, it also rids me of the dirt for the day as well as gives me a quick cleanse to face yet another amazing day. But looking at taking a bath daily in the personal development’s light, taking a daily bath of motivation, ensures my continuous pursuit of my goals.

A favorite Ziglar quote pertains to motivation, that as much as a bath doesn’t make you clean for several days, if not a day, so does getting a boost in confidence and motivation. So what would a person seeking motivation, drive and inspiration do? Simple, just like taking a bath, continue to get motivation each and every day as he see fit.

It’s what I’ve firmly believed for so long now, ever since I began my journey to financial freedom, I’ve read and re-read tens and thousands of articles, finished several books (which is very rare for me, or to the old me) and attended a number of seminars all pointing towards attaining what all of us (not for everyone subconsciously though) strive for, freedom.

Freedom from the constraints of time, and duties (employee status), the challenge of going up and down a flight of stairs without having to catch your breath, and going all out in a boxing ring as well as finally focusing on the left column in a restaurant menu rather than meticulously picking out the smallest number in the right side.

To actually realize that you have finally achieved “freedom”, you most definitely have to set goals – your path to success is a series of checkpoints, ones that you’ve set to remind you that you are on track. But remember, don’t confuse activity and a busy schedule as progress towards your checkpoints, be clear with what you have to achieve to be able to shoot for something higher or harder.

In comes, motivation, in comes your supposedly daily dose of nitro, your very own “perk me up” fix. Because to continuously push forward with the same zeal as when you started out if humanly impossible, you will experience challenges, setbacks and more and more walls. A human will feel powerless at times, will feel defeated, beaten down, but looking out for motivation will surely revive that spirit to push you up even further. It is humanly impossible to go all out till you achieve an Everest, but it sure helps to slice the journey into several camp and recovery sites and get a jolt of motivation to continue on your journey.

I make sure that I take a bath daily, my daily dose of motivation, and that’s all I need to keep going. When I do achieve my goal, it will be sweet and all effort and time will be worth it. NEXT!

Jan 13 topic: I take a bath daily.

Jan 14 topic: Consistency.


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