30 Day Challenge- Writing a Blog Post – Day 2

Day 2 for Writing a Blog Post Challenge. A Back Slide. and Recover

Friends, this is one important post from me. Something that I’ve been struggling with since the day I caught myself making gazillions of these.


There came a time when enough is enough. Jennifer can’t take anymore of Eric’s constant dodging of responsibility.

Last Thursday, he was supposed to clean out his “workshop” of some sort but said he had to be with the boys, they were 2 weeks delayed from their usual *BNO. This Sunday, was supposed to be time for them to visit their parents but he had to cancel because he was cramming for papers and presentation due Monday. He got to finish the presentation, but when he got home, he couldn’t stop whining and cursing at how the project presentation was a short notice (2 months short notice).

There were many more of Eric’s amazing stories of how he wasn’t able to do finish something because something came up, how he wasn’t able to do his best because there just isn’t enough time. Because of this, or that, the place was too far, it was raining, it was too hot.

One day, Jennifer asked Eric if they could go out to talk. Then he immediately said he had someplace to go too, but she insisted. “We have to talk” she said.

When they got to the restaurant, she laid it out all. He was not doing very well in the company, she heard that he was going to get cut because he was  not living up to the expectations of his managers. He was getting cranky at the kids and he was not even talking with his parents anymore (which he usually did before) and he was not even helping out in the house. Eric also had something to say to all these, that he was too busy, that he had “better” things to do, that he’ll make up for it.

After dinner, Jennifer told Eric, “I’ll take the kids to Mama’s house for a couple of weeks”, take time to think of where you are at, now and where you are heading. Please remember that you have a family to support”. Then she continued after sipping wine, “if you can’t even support or manage yourself, how can you even take care of your own family?”. She left Eric a folded bond paper.

It was from his children.

“Dad, we miss you! We don’t get to talk to you often, you are so busy going out with your friends, going out of town for work. We want to be with you. Let’s cook and have a picnic again. Let’s go to the beach, Mommy will love that too. We hope you’ll get what you are aiming for and we know you can do it!

We LOVE you so much!”

Friend, catch yourself making excuse, because when you do, it’s sure that you’re running away from something or towards a project that you forgot to do. You are definitely procrastinating, dodging responsibilities that should have been done weeks ago.

If you catch yourself making excuses, it’s sure that you’ve neglected so much in your life already. It will surely be the most important ingredients of your life. Family. Friends. Career. Finances. Health. Yourself. God.

Catch yourself making excuses, and kick it out of your life. Because if you don’t, excuses will consume everything that you care about, the important parts of your life.








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