Financial = Fitness


Let me fancy you with one of new found past time. Graph making. Especially graphs that do are not empirical data sound and have no actual association, or so i thought.

This is actually a mash up of my goals at the moment, repay debt (because debt is not a tool) as well as increase my fitness level with hopes of actually achieving 72 kilos.

It so happened thay financial bearing is actually best described parallel to your fitness.

I got the idea from Dave Ramsey’s book, the total money make over, and it so happened that i was 80 kilos at the time (weight) and that is very near the overweight BMI for my age, and height. It also happened, yes, of course it wasn’t my fault that i had some debt to repay (sarcasm).

When i read the book, i really liked the repaying debt part as well as his debt snowball technique but tread lightly with the investment part – i’m reading about that from a different book, and more on Philippine- oriented book.

So as you can see, with much joy, i’m very near the part when i’ve actually payed off my debt (lol) and steadily pursuing my desired fitness level.

What can you say about the graph? Do you think it’ll matter more to put actual figures there? Kindly tell me what you think about so we can share it with the community.


Strong Foundation: Financial: Emergency Fund

Essentially, a lot of people seem to think of security, a buffer (the bigger, the better) and what may seem like any kind of aspect in their lives. Insurance for health and hospitalization, a back up wedding dress in case of emergency (totally made up), possible date #2 if date #1 ditches you (seriously?) and of course, having the money that you need in case of “emergencies”.

(Drumroll please)

(basically, 3-6 months worth of money in a money market fund or any savings account – never mind the interest growth, it’s not for your investment, set aside for “emergencies”)

However, let me define these “emergencies”, regarding the financial aspect. This is how i see things, so if you have something to say about them, they are very welcome.

Emergencies wherein you can use your emergency fund, DON’T INCLUDE THESE –
1. surprise super sale in your nearby mall (which coincidentally happens every time you get your salary). not much of a surprise anymore is it?
2. the newest phone in the market with a projector and voice activated applications that can take control of all of your appliances in the house (believe me, with how fast technology is developing right now, that phone will lose 40-60% of its value in months)
3. a brand new display and a fresh batch of clothes for your favorite online shop and mall boutique, how timely! I just so happened to wear another dress more than once (twice! the horror!).

You get the idea. Here are the examples worthy of the Emergency Fund endowment (but you have to put it back as soon as you can).

Emergencies include abrupt medical issues (insurance can cover it but you got to have that quick slip dough just in case), your car broke down because your gas pump finally gave out, seat sale for a key business trip and speaking convention (i know, i know, these sales strategically or “coincidently” pop up from nowhere but always look out for VALUE).

There you have it. Remember, make sure to complete your EMERGENCY FUND as soon as possible and get to work on the other steps towards financial peace.

I’m actually working on this step and it’s going smoothly.

Strong Foundation: Physical: Back muscles

I’ve been reading a lot of work out routines and plans (emphasis on reading) and i was surprised when i read an article about building the back muscles. It turns out that building your back would be the best way to improve your weight lifting overall. It’ll increase both power and endurance, not to mention having a well built back improves your posture (another win).

But a word of advice, take caution in doing exercises to build your back, the best foundation for higher weight and more reps lifting goals. The exercises for your back will supercharge your workout when done correctly and with proper form. The deadlifts don’t have the word “dead” in it for no reason.

Just as in aspect of your life, self improvement, we are well aware of the impact that it can have on our success, however, it should be done with proper form, the correct process and with goal oriented actions.

Build your back, build a strong foundation and be prepared for the larger things in life.

Prayer: Wisdom


Lord, today, i pray for wisdom and insight.

Strong Foundation: Spiritual – Proverbs

I’ve come to love the book of proverbs even more so for the past few weeks. I’ve often leaned towards asking for every bit of wisdom i can find from chapters from the book. However, for my interpretation, there are supposedly deeper ones that i should just make time to dig into and cross reference within the net or other books.

Friends, i want to share with you how important it is to build a strong foundation of your life from the lessons that we get from the bible. There are several books there, stories of great victory as well as sacrifice, of love and friendship, of hope and gratitude, of pain and suffering all for the glory of our Lord.

The best gift that we can all get from the bible, better than knowledge, better than likeable status messages, better than best selling quotes for cards and letters, it’s wisdom. And all the wisdom we would like to possess is in reading, internalizing and implementing the lessons that we learn, especially in the book of proverbs. This is all the more significant when you would like to learn also in building our next levels, physical and financial.

A Strong Foundation (series)

Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Social and Mental.

All aspects of your life.

Spiritual: Proverbs

Physical: Back muscles

Financial: Emergency Fund

Social: Dale Carnegie

Mental: Thirst for knowledge

Not easy.


It’s a process. There’s no shortcut. It’s simple but not easy. It’s not easy but it sure is worth it.

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