New 30 Day Challenge: 15 minute blog Day 1

I only have approximately 13:35 minutes to make a blog so I’m just going to take it slow and steady. The most notable event that happened today, aside from my deepest gratitude to our Lord God for giving me another day in this earth and letting me spend time with my love, is that I got to read about the lives of 3 of the most influential people in the world (as of now). I loved how their lives were illustrated through comics, and since I really love reading manga (which is actually a time thief, we’ll discuss that some other time), I really liked this layout. Take note, each of the stories have at least 150 or so pages, and I didn’t even realize that I was already able to see their lives.

Looking at the lives of Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, comics style aside was amazing. None of them had an easy life, but what we always say in the team, nothing in this world that has great value is easy to get, but the trip, the climb and the adventure sure was worth it all.

(I only have 8:46 minutes left)

The one I liked the most out of the 3 was Warren Buffet’s, it showed that entrepreneurship was really in him, since starting out selling gum, till the time of donating 37Billion dollars to his good friend, Bill Gates’ foundation. He never gave up, and that made me download his books and his talks, planning to read them one at a time (and his speeches too). Oprah’s life was not all smiles and sunshine, but she embodies what strength in character, self-confidence and hard work truly amounts to. It only goes as far as becoming one of Forbes’ billionaires, a living legend of the media and entertainment industry, extending a helping hand to thousands and thousands of people in need. Bill Gates’ life was all about passion, passion about one thing, computers. It sure was his first and ever lasting love. But when he was able to build an empire with Microsoft, he then pursued another passion, helping others – which had become a very interesting outlet since he was able to done 22 Billion dollars and we can also add, as previously mentioned, Warren Buffet’s 37 Billion dollars.

After reading the lives of these 3 remarkable people, I do believe the belief in oneself, money, integrity, influence and character may not ensure happiness, but they are all, among others, are essential tools in making an impact in this world we live in.

Are you going to be a person who is indifferent to what is happening around him?

Are you going to be a person who just watch things happen?

or are you going to be a person who make things happen?

What kind of person do you want to be?


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