A better future. There are a lot of times when people think that there is complete defeat. That when the worse comes to worst, there is no more point in fighting.
But there are a zillion reasons to fight. Fight for another day, fight for your life, your love, fight for your everyday sustenance. Fight for your children’s future. Fight for your right. Fight for what’s left in you or for you.
It really baffles me when people say that they are bored, that they have nothing to do, that life offers nothing for them to take interest in or is worth their time. That life has a “boring” and obviously, generally directed towards my direction ONLY, way of giving me the worst part of the chicken, the smaller piece of the pie, the shortest strand in a pick off, the smallest and scrawniest kid in a dodgeball gym class – you get the point.
But you know it too, or atleast you try your hardest to deny it, – you don’t fight back (not really in a physical sense), and you look at men and women in your life pass you by while they all fight through each day, while you lie or sit down in a slump.


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