15MC Day 3

Had an amazing breakfast today, banana and honey flavored oats, and my essentials. Eventhough i’m still sick today, i realized that i’m really happy to be sick.

Say what?

Let me explain, the fact that i still get sick means i’m still not that efficient with taking care of my body, my sleep, my diet and general choices of activities. Because when i get sick, i do what i can to take care of my body, i eat and sleep right, i do the things i should do and forget to do the useless stuff that steals my time, well not everything.
But being sick, though i wouldn’t want this to stick forever, gives me the chance to really take care of myself, and treat my body and mind the way it should be treated, the right way.
No junk food, soda, late night sleeping time, loads of movies ormseries. It’s like i’m putting a limiter in my time and i have to do the essential stuff, the things that matter. The things that will make the difference.

So how about it, have some “oats” for breakfat, and it’ll surely change your day.


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