Time. Stop wasting it. Put it into something great.


First of all, a big thank you to love for this surprise. This was an amazing blessing and i can’t stop smiling even until now because I’m so happy about it. I know, i’m a simple person, but this is just amazing, one of my goals for this year, check! Thanks to my love.

Next, i’m actually timing myself now to finish within 15minutes time. I have to catch Adele.

My time is the same as yours. I have 24 hours, same as yours. Same as Henry Sy, same as Donald Trump, same as any average joe or jane i know. But there are alot of people who act like they have a lot of time. While some of them lot act like there isn’t enough time for all their TTDs. But i’m happy to tell everyone that you have 24 hours everyday, God gives us the same currency, the same minutes, seconds. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t matter if you’re from up north or down south. You will get your own time. 24 hours. You can’t loan it for more time today then less time for the end of the month. You can’t save your excess time for today so can have more next week.

Time. Stop wasting it. Put it into something great.


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