Jumping into the water.

Trying to be a tightwad. How hard can it be, right? Turns out, pretty hard. Especially in our generation, where the “in” thing are always the new things, and you have to get all those Stuff.

But what i watched yesterday was another eye opener. I won’t be the same way i am today. I’ll be very different. I won’t be a another statistic. I will be a glaring spike in the graph.

But before getting there, i’ll have to get used to being weird and abnormal. You get it right? Being weird, abnormal IS the new normal. It’s the new “in” thing, but it’s for a limited time only, and a lot of people aren’t getting the flow, they don’t want to ride the current. I wonder why?

But alas, if i keep dwindling near the bank, i won’t be able to experience that fearful and uncomfortable high. So get ready, ’cause i’m about to jump in!

Cold? For sure.
Will it hurt? I hope so.
Will it be worth it? Yes.


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