Elephants sure are tasty.

With so many things running in a person’s mind each day, it gives us the impression that there are piles of things to accomplish within that period of your waking hours.

Then comes in the power of clarity and focus.

Since there are tons of stuff you have to do, it’s for the best to actually know what you want. Take time to write(on paper) a list of the most important things you have to accomplish.

If it’s a big project, i always recall what I heard from Brian Tracy, how do you eat an elephant? Obviously, one bite at a time.

I make sure to target my bigger goals – bite size each day. Just a good mouthful out of the huge task, and to make sure i keep steady and consistent progress.

Same goes with writing in this blog. I take even 10-15 minutes to write an article everyday.

Friends, there may be tasks in your plate right now, it may be a really ugly and slimy frog, or it can be a great white elephant. But whatever it may be, if it is worth accomplishing, give it your all.
Go about taking one bite at it everyday and surely, you’ll finally succeed and that leaves you with an appetite to go get an even bigger elephant.


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