I’m not tired, at all.

I was walking along Velez St. and suddenly realized that i was not tired. That it was the end of the day and that i was looking forward for the day to unfold (it was 4pm already). Work was great! A lot of sharing, a lot of reviewing so i can explain things in a simpler and (very important) more absorbable manner. Then some exercise and then meetings. But the most beautiful part is again, i was not tired.

What is the point?

Friends, my point is, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve just finished an ultra-marathon or a 16 hour shift, what matters is, still, how you look at your day.

8 hours of sleep (hopefully)
8 hours of work
30 min exercise
2 hours (for all the meals amd snacks)
And so on so forth.

At the end of the day, a lot of people are famished (it’s still not log out time though) and all they can think about is how they’ll go home and watch TV for 30 mins (turns to 4 hours average) and repeats the cycle over and over.

A great day is not for your boss, your parents, your teacher or your barkada’s choice to make. It’s all up to you, put a little spice in your life, look at it as if it’s your most precious treasure (well, it is by the way your own life). Enjoy it! Live it to the fullest and give it all you got!


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