Make time for what matters.

Friends, i’d like to share with you a story.

There was Eric, a 23 year old man who was very busy. He was buried underneath all his everyday tasks. He knew that to make a huge difference in his life and other people, he needed to give it his all. He was always the first one to the office and the last one to leave. He would always lend a hand to other people’s project that’s why he has become the resident second hand, the best wingman, the shoulder to cry on and the reliable person. However, his mother (yes, he’s still living with his mom) noticed that he is becoming more and more immersed in work that he wasn’t doing anything, even give a little time for his drawing. He has been so swamped with work that he has forgotten to pursue his talent, making portraits. He tried to make time for it but he was just “too busy”. This was one of his greatest regrets everytime he went to work, to not be able to make time for his passion and gift. He wasn’t able to go back to drawing because he had continued to work at his job until an accident happened.

When he died, he asked one of the angels, he’d been curious. Who is the greatest portrait artist in here? The angel smiled and pointed at him. To his surprise, he shouted, what, me? You must be mistaken? I haven’t been drawing for the last 7 years. I know, but this gift was given to you to cultivate and make your own, if you’d have pursued it, you would have became the greatest the world has ever known.

Friends, what is your talent? What are your core gifts? What is something that you can do and have genuine fun doing? What is something that you are excited to wake up for each and eveyday?


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