Strong Foundation: Spiritual – Proverbs

I’ve come to love the book of proverbs even more so for the past few weeks. I’ve often leaned towards asking for every bit of wisdom i can find from chapters from the book. However, for my interpretation, there are supposedly deeper ones that i should just make time to dig into and cross reference within the net or other books.

Friends, i want to share with you how important it is to build a strong foundation of your life from the lessons that we get from the bible. There are several books there, stories of great victory as well as sacrifice, of love and friendship, of hope and gratitude, of pain and suffering all for the glory of our Lord.

The best gift that we can all get from the bible, better than knowledge, better than likeable status messages, better than best selling quotes for cards and letters, it’s wisdom. And all the wisdom we would like to possess is in reading, internalizing and implementing the lessons that we learn, especially in the book of proverbs. This is all the more significant when you would like to learn also in building our next levels, physical and financial.


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