Strong Foundation: Physical: Back muscles

I’ve been reading a lot of work out routines and plans (emphasis on reading) and i was surprised when i read an article about building the back muscles. It turns out that building your back would be the best way to improve your weight lifting overall. It’ll increase both power and endurance, not to mention having a well built back improves your posture (another win).

But a word of advice, take caution in doing exercises to build your back, the best foundation for higher weight and more reps lifting goals. The exercises for your back will supercharge your workout when done correctly and with proper form. The deadlifts don’t have the word “dead” in it for no reason.

Just as in aspect of your life, self improvement, we are well aware of the impact that it can have on our success, however, it should be done with proper form, the correct process and with goal oriented actions.

Build your back, build a strong foundation and be prepared for the larger things in life.


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