Financial = Fitness


Let me fancy you with one of new found past time. Graph making. Especially graphs that do are not empirical data sound and have no actual association, or so i thought.

This is actually a mash up of my goals at the moment, repay debt (because debt is not a tool) as well as increase my fitness level with hopes of actually achieving 72 kilos.

It so happened thay financial bearing is actually best described parallel to your fitness.

I got the idea from Dave Ramsey’s book, the total money make over, and it so happened that i was 80 kilos at the time (weight) and that is very near the overweight BMI for my age, and height. It also happened, yes, of course it wasn’t my fault that i had some debt to repay (sarcasm).

When i read the book, i really liked the repaying debt part as well as his debt snowball technique but tread lightly with the investment part – i’m reading about that from a different book, and more on Philippine- oriented book.

So as you can see, with much joy, i’m very near the part when i’ve actually payed off my debt (lol) and steadily pursuing my desired fitness level.

What can you say about the graph? Do you think it’ll matter more to put actual figures there? Kindly tell me what you think about so we can share it with the community.

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