Habits. you make them. then. they make you.

Friends, today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite topics to read about and actually apply in my life as of today (without any more visual proof than when i started reading about this), habits.
You’re actually in for a treat because I’ll be showing you what my habits are (the good, the bad and the supposedly new ones – some of which i’ve set months or years ago but wasn’t able to do them – i wonder why?).

“We first make our habits then our habits make us.” John Dryden

People are not born with the tendency to procrastinate on things, bite their nails, watch 4-6 hours of TV after a long day at work, writing blog posts everyday to fulfill a 30 day challenge, eat lots of fast food to satisfy that feeling of “emptiness” inside which a perfectly crafted PBJ sandwich can do the same way. But that’s just what habits are, things that you and I were able to copy from what we see other people do, that in our perception, actually looks good or makes that other person look sort of cool or admirable.

But then again, some of the habits, since you’ve been doing them for so long, become second nature, and then something blows up in front of you and you realize that there are some things that you that you are not aware of anymore. Being too touchy? familiar, right? Being too frank regardless of what other people will feel? Snapping at someone over a trivial miscommunication.

These are actually things that you would not like to do to other people, however, since you’ve been around people doing similar things and actions, you can’t help but do them also.

And that’s why, starting out, you have complete control over all the things that you do, then eventually, your conscious mind (CM) won’t be able to handle everything that’s why your CM passes some of the repetitive work to your subconscious mind (SM) so your CM can focus on higher level skills.

i.e. typing can be passed to your SM, but you do remember when you were just able to type 1-2 word per minute (kidding!) but can blast away at 50-60 words per minute at present. When you are able to do typing automatically, you can focus on thinking what to write (writing a blog post or pages after pages of a book).

I think i’ve told you enough about habits, now for our main event.

Toy’s Habits!

(drumroll please)

Positive habits:
-reading books and articles
-writing articles

Negative (in my perception only)
-watching TV
-eating uncontrollably
-surfing the net for hours, mindlessly
-playing games (for hours – oh dear!)
-taking a really long time in the john
-bad posture
-inconsistent exercise
-inconsistent sched planning
-taking a lot of time to budget and sort out finances

New Habits
-gym every other day
-boxing every other day
-writing articles everyday (i know right, confusing for me too)
-reading the bible everyday (i do this everyday before, i think something else took its place, shame on me)
-reading reports
-taking part in the community more often

So there you have, i just had to put it out there! I know this post is a bit short but I’ll make sure to make a follow up post about it and update you with my habits, the positive, the negative and the new ones in transition.



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