Habits. you make them. then. they make you.

Friends, today, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite topics to read about and actually apply in my life as of today (without any more visual proof than when i started reading about this), habits.
You’re actually in for a treat because I’ll be showing you what my habits are (the good, the bad and the supposedly new ones – some of which i’ve set months or years ago but wasn’t able to do them – i wonder why?).

“We first make our habits then our habits make us.” John Dryden

People are not born with the tendency to procrastinate on things, bite their nails, watch 4-6 hours of TV after a long day at work, writing blog posts everyday to fulfill a 30 day challenge, eat lots of fast food to satisfy that feeling of “emptiness” inside which a perfectly crafted PBJ sandwich can do the same way. But that’s just what habits are, things that you and I were able to copy from what we see other people do, that in our perception, actually looks good or makes that other person look sort of cool or admirable.

But then again, some of the habits, since you’ve been doing them for so long, become second nature, and then something blows up in front of you and you realize that there are some things that you that you are not aware of anymore. Being too touchy? familiar, right? Being too frank regardless of what other people will feel? Snapping at someone over a trivial miscommunication.

These are actually things that you would not like to do to other people, however, since you’ve been around people doing similar things and actions, you can’t help but do them also.

And that’s why, starting out, you have complete control over all the things that you do, then eventually, your conscious mind (CM) won’t be able to handle everything that’s why your CM passes some of the repetitive work to your subconscious mind (SM) so your CM can focus on higher level skills.

i.e. typing can be passed to your SM, but you do remember when you were just able to type 1-2 word per minute (kidding!) but can blast away at 50-60 words per minute at present. When you are able to do typing automatically, you can focus on thinking what to write (writing a blog post or pages after pages of a book).

I think i’ve told you enough about habits, now for our main event.

Toy’s Habits!

(drumroll please)

Positive habits:
-reading books and articles
-writing articles

Negative (in my perception only)
-watching TV
-eating uncontrollably
-surfing the net for hours, mindlessly
-playing games (for hours – oh dear!)
-taking a really long time in the john
-bad posture
-inconsistent exercise
-inconsistent sched planning
-taking a lot of time to budget and sort out finances

New Habits
-gym every other day
-boxing every other day
-writing articles everyday (i know right, confusing for me too)
-reading the bible everyday (i do this everyday before, i think something else took its place, shame on me)
-reading reports
-taking part in the community more often

So there you have, i just had to put it out there! I know this post is a bit short but I’ll make sure to make a follow up post about it and update you with my habits, the positive, the negative and the new ones in transition.



Path made just for you.


Friends, you may be at a time in your life when you are not sure where you are going or in what direction you “should” follow. These thoughts are frustrating and very annoying, not only for you but also to people who are looking up to you.

You may also be like other people who’ve been able to reach some of their goals in life. They were able to live the life they’ve been dreaming and them one day, wakes up with a new perspective.

Is this really all there is my life?

But you already know the answer to that. God has put in men and women the notion of satisfaction, of the thought that you will all the things in life that you desire and need but it will also up to you to make the most out of these gifts.

I have allthe things i need. Love, family, wisdom and direction. I am grateful for everything that God has given me. Now it is my time, the opportunity to make the most out of these gifts. To nurture and make them grow. To prosper.

A lot of people say that there may be greener grass in other pastures, this may be so if you happen to lose sight of the path that you have been set to track. But i’d rather think that you may have the best things in your that you need and of the greatest value, and God has given you the chance to make these gifts even better.

Financial = Fitness


Let me fancy you with one of new found past time. Graph making. Especially graphs that do are not empirical data sound and have no actual association, or so i thought.

This is actually a mash up of my goals at the moment, repay debt (because debt is not a tool) as well as increase my fitness level with hopes of actually achieving 72 kilos.

It so happened thay financial bearing is actually best described parallel to your fitness.

I got the idea from Dave Ramsey’s book, the total money make over, and it so happened that i was 80 kilos at the time (weight) and that is very near the overweight BMI for my age, and height. It also happened, yes, of course it wasn’t my fault that i had some debt to repay (sarcasm).

When i read the book, i really liked the repaying debt part as well as his debt snowball technique but tread lightly with the investment part – i’m reading about that from a different book, and more on Philippine- oriented book.

So as you can see, with much joy, i’m very near the part when i’ve actually payed off my debt (lol) and steadily pursuing my desired fitness level.

What can you say about the graph? Do you think it’ll matter more to put actual figures there? Kindly tell me what you think about so we can share it with the community.

A Strong Foundation (series)

Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Social and Mental.

All aspects of your life.

Spiritual: Proverbs

Physical: Back muscles

Financial: Emergency Fund

Social: Dale Carnegie

Mental: Thirst for knowledge

Not easy.


It’s a process. There’s no shortcut. It’s simple but not easy. It’s not easy but it sure is worth it.

You really can’t have everything, or can you?

I had the most amazing day! So many things to be thankful for, new goals (financially, physically), new triumphs and miracle (more to come). I’ll have to make time for yesterday events also because it was really encouraging to talk to people, talk about a very sensitive topic and concern with them and make it into a really fun and a great learning opportunity.

But whenever I think of the things I do right now, I’m even more excited for the days to come. I’ve always talked about making your time count and how time should not be wasted.

You have to allot a specific amount of time for each and every activity for the day, for your 24 hours. But you do know, that you are actually giving more time to “important” (insert sarcasm here) things than those that actually matter.

In a little hingbarrio where a lot of people have the “time” to actually sit down and “observe” other people and generally, talk really “good” things about them,

Pedro is really handsome but he has a weird voice.
Jam is an amazing dancer but her nose is small, it’s not pango.
Juan’s business is doing really well but I hear his son is failing his math subject. (how is that even related?)
Aida has been going strong with her advocacies (feeding programs, donating books and toys to schools etc.) but her dog is not pure bred. (Polgas later on became a star in hit new dog movie)

was a man named Eric, who loved hearing people talk about other people. In a sense, he’s also chismoso but he just doesn’t share the chismis with other people, which is good. He immediately said, “You really can’t have everything”. But realized, why not? Why can you not have everything that YOU want and need. In his thoughts, “everything” is relative.

When he looks at Pedro, he sees someone who has been the face of countless barrio fiesta’s Mr. whatever contest and has been around giving talks and seminars to young children about self confidence and believing in themselves with his weird voice (which turned out to be a perfectly modulated voice for a speaker).

Whenever there’s a dance performance at their barrio, Jam will surely be there, like a firecracker with her killer dance moves, and Eric actually likes her, a lot. Ssssh.

Juan is actually Eric’s role model, and he believes in his businesses and how even if he is a busy man, he is also a tri-athlete in which their town sponsor the hardest races (with trail, mountains, lakes and all), and above all else, is an amazing father to his children. The son who was failing math became Einstein-like.

Yes, I’m making all this up just to make my point.

and Aida, bless her soul, is a wonderful carinderia owner and proud cook who happens to have many connections with other NGOs and private (anonymous) donors to implement her advocacies. All proceeds of her dog’s self titled film, Polgas, was used to provide help and support to those in need.

It dawned on him, when people say everything, it is relative. Relative in a sense that the one looking into a person’s life and say that the person doesn’t have everything has actually fallen to a little prospective trap – that they will forever be seeking that perfect life of a person, which they will never really find unless they look into their own lives, be satisfied with what they have (if they can eat 5-6 small meals a day, if they can go out with friends and family, if they wake up another day and thank God for another 24 hours to live their awesome life), and be grateful. Tell themselves, this is MY LIFE. This is mine to live and prosper. This is my life, and i will live it to be a worthwhile existence in this earth.

Had a run with this article. Hope you liked it, because i enjoyed writing it. Please leave your comments, greatly appreciated. 🙂

Winning is a muscle.

I want to look at the mindset of winning as a muscle, the more you work it out, the higher chances of winning everytime. A lot of people say that winning is a habit, and i agree with them, it’s absolutely true. But whenever you look at winning as a kind of workout routine, an ever progressing event. You look forward to achieving more and even better quality triumphs.

I have to share with you that i’m very happy with how i’m doing so far when it comes to posting one article per day, and so far, it’s going really well. I want to thank the Lord for providing me with wisdom and inspiration each and every single day and for my family and friends for caring for and loving me, despite of me.

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